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Cuna del Cielo is a lush oasis located on a hilltop above San Miguel, where external stressors of the world do not intersect.

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From resting a few days or for more prolonged periods, we offer customized wellness stays tailored to your needs and desires.


We believe in providing the ideal circumstances and education for one to self-heal, with cleansing, energetic and material fortification as our main focus. 

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A crucial part of any cleanse is having the conditions needed to disconnect from external distractions and begin to internally self-regulate.


The natural peace of Cuna del Cielo, due to its location and intentional design, creates a calming and grounding effect providing an ideal environment for the mind and body to harmonize, returning to homeostasis.


The daily room rate gives you full access to the facility and program 

  • Steam & infrared sauna and cold water therapy

  • A custom tailored regimen of supplements

  • A 60 min massage every other day

  • Two anti-inflammatory  meals per day 

  • Superfood beverages and snacks

  • One quantum medicine healing session


*Additional services available upon request or recommendation (not included in base package): acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnosis, plant medicine, emotional clearing, shiatsu massage, and sound healing 

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Over the years we have studied and practiced various methods of detox and biohacking modalities, all of which are natural, non invasive, and will under no circumstances cause any harm. Although we have experienced the strong benefits ourselves, as well as with countless friends and clients, we do not provide classical medical treatments, diagnostics, or guarantee any specific healing success.


  • Removal of harmful pathogens: Biofilms (bacteria), viruses, candida, mycotoxins (mold), and parasites

  • Eliminating toxic chemicals

  • Clearing of pathways of absorption and utilization for energy metabolism

  • Deconstructing mental patterns, traumas, and addictions


  • Rejuvenation of cells

  • Improving cellular metabolism and energy levels

  • Deep reduction of inflammation

  • The root cause of all disease and chronic ailments

  • Fortification / Recalibration of digestive, glandular, and immune systems

  • Restoration / rewiring of nervous system from chronic stress or traumas

  • Elimination of pain and addressing musculoskeletal issues Improved sleep and circadian rhythm


  • Sharpened memory

  • Focus and mental clarity

  • Increased energy levels

  • Physical stamina

  • Accessing brain wave patterns for increasing “flow state” and self-discovery

Utilizing workshops and classes offered in San Miguel for artistic expression and exploration such as painting, pottery, and cooking

Gained clarity and inspiration for life’s goals and renewed sense of being.


"It may not seem like it can be better than the photos, but it is.
Viktor's place has officially spoiled me for all AirBnBs from here on out."
~ Rebecca, USA




"...BEST AIRBNB EXPERIENCE EVER. Viktor is not only the kindest airbnb host, but also so patient and helpful when we needed help... It's quite literally top 3 places we've ever stayed.


Even though it's a different style architecture than you'll usually experience in SMA, it feels completely natural and built into the landscape... just when we thought we couldn't be more at peace by being in SMA, staying at Viktor's place brought us more peace. We love this home + host! 5 STARS alllllllllll day!!!"

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