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Prepare to feel transported into another world as you enter Cuna del Cielo, whose minimalist design and lush, tropical plants may trick one into believing they're in a Southeast Asian villa instead of the colonial desert town of San Miguel de Allende.


Enjoy being immersed in nature within easy access to downtown, spectacular views, & a range of facilities: saunas, jacuzzi, giant hammock & more!

Perfect for vacation rentals, spa retreats, and events.

"It may not seem like it can be better than the photos, but it is. Viktor's place has officially spoiled me for all AirBnBs from here on out."
~ Rebecca, USA
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Each of the villa's four bedrooms comes with its own terraces and small gardens, providing guests with plenty of privacy, tranquility, and the feeling of being surrounded by nature. The elegant, minimalist decor lends itself to a bright, spacious interior that is ideal for relaxation, work, and everything in between. The ensuite bathrooms come with walk in showers that offer direct access to the private gardens.

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The villa is equipped with a range of spa facilities and other amenities to ensure that every guest has an unforgettable experience of the highest quality. Various types of therapies and treatments are also available upon request.


These facilities are only accessible to our overnight guests and Day Pass holders (limited availability).