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Prepare to feel transported into another world as you enter Cuna del Cielo, whose minimalist design and lush, tropical plants may trick one into believing they're in a Southeast Asian villa instead of the colonial desert town of San Miguel de Allende.


Enjoy being immersed in nature within easy access to downtown, spectacular views, & a range of facilities: saunas, jacuzzi, giant hammock & more!

Perfect for vacation rentals, spa retreats, and events.

"It may not seem like it can be better than the photos, but it is. Viktor's place has officially spoiled me for all AirBnBs from here on out."
~ Rebecca, USA
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Each of the villa's four bedrooms comes with its own terraces and small gardens, providing guests with plenty of privacy, tranquility, and the feeling of being surrounded by nature. The elegant, minimalist decor lends itself to a bright, spacious interior that is ideal for relaxation, work, and everything in between. The ensuite bathrooms come with walk in showers that offer direct access to the private gardens.

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The villa is equipped with a range of spa facilities and other amenities to ensure that every guest has an unforgettable experience of the highest quality. Various types of therapies and treatments are also available upon request.


These facilities are only accessible to our overnight guests and Day Pass holders (limited availability).



For those who would like to make the most of their stay at Cuna del Cielo, we have a curated selection of add-ons that are available upon request.


From massages to romantic surprises, it would be our pleasure to create a bespoke experience tailor-made just for you, to ensure that your stay is an unforgettable one.

No upcoming events at the moment

Given the unique assortment of Facilities we have at Cuna del Cielo, and their tremendous healing benefits, we now offer Day Passes for those who would like to enjoy the villa's facilities and treatments without booking an overnight stay.

Day Pass holders may access the villa on their chosen day between 10am - 7pm.


Latest check-in time: 5pm

Limited to 4 Passes per day.

The desired date for each Pass must be determined at the time of purchase.

View our Day Pass Visit Guide & Change/Cancellation Policy

There are two types of Day Passes: Silver and Gold.

Day Pass
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Henry, USA

...BEST AIRBNB EXPERIENCE EVER. Viktor is not only the kindest airbnb host, but also so patient and helpful when we needed help... It's quite literally top 3 places we've ever stayed.


Even though it's a different style architecture than you'll usually experience in SMA, it feels completely natural and built into the landscape... just when we thought we couldn't be more at peace by being in SMA, staying at Viktor's place brought us more peace. We love this home + host! 5 STARS alllllllllll day!!!

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Jake, USA

Wow! My two week stay quickly turned into a full month as I felt right at home in the beautiful setting that Viktor created. The house has so much to offer - including a cold plunge, a jacuzzi, an infrared sauna and my favorite a vapor sauna...with an absolutely stunning view of San Miguel.


This is the perfect place to stay as it is just a short trip from downtown with truly all the amenities that one could need. In my time here I felt like I transformed and really had an opportunity to connect with the land as well as all the amazing people that Viktor introduced me to.


I find it a hard place to leave & I know without a doubt I will be back for a visit soon. 

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Rebecca, USA

...Viktor’s place has officially spoiled me for all AirBnBs from here on out. It’s beautiful, has amazing light, tons of amenities and has incredible views (especially at sunset). It may not seem like it can be better than the photos, but it is.


...the way that the space is oriented is a beautiful combination of private personal space and shared gathering spaces — this means that you can choose how you want to feel and interact in that moment.

I thoroughly enjoyed Viktor’s company, his occasional visitors and that of the other guests — good people seem to be drawn here.


I had my dog with me during the stay and Viktor was an amazing host for a mostly good dog… with puppy moments. The neighborhood is very safe, friendly and full of expats. Overall, just do it. Viktor’s place is awesome.

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