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At Cuna del Cielo, we offer a selection of additional treatments for guests who want to focus on healing and regeneration during their stay. These treatments are curated specially in conjunction with the facilities we provide at the villa, and are divided into 3 categories: Hydrotherapy, Diet and Nutrition, and Body Treatments.


Both the selection of these treatments and the design of the villa's facilities were largely based on the illustrious work of German naturopathic physician Louis Kühne. The combined, cumulative effect of these treatments generates physical purification and mental relaxation.

For the best results, we recommend this for guests who are staying at the villa for at least 3 nights.

Click below to learn more about each category of treatments we offer.

Guests may also choose to enjoy the villa's facilities without subscribing to these optional treatments.

Find out more about the villa's facilities below: 

While it is possible to enjoy the villa's facilities and treatments by purchasing a Day Pass, our overnight guests get free access to all facilities as well as special discounted rates for the treatments, not to mention other special amenities that are provided in each of the villa's four bedrooms. Find out more below:


Before detoxification and ice baths became a trend, Louis Kühne devised his unique form of hydrotherapy as a highly effective way to remove foreign and toxic substances, which are the basis of all diseases of the body.

This therapy consists of a daily treatment routine structured in cycles that involve the generous use of the villa's spa facilities (body sauna, infrared sauna, jacuzzi, and cold swim pond), coupled with sunbaths, massages, meditation, and physical exercise. 


Louis Kühne's diet rules for digestive rebalancing are complemented by the original concepts of German nutritionist Richard Steintel, eliminating all inflammatory foods and integrating resistant starches, superfoods, and supplements that support the digestive and elimination process.

Healthy green smoothies are already provided every morning for all guests. Upon request, guests may also enjoy specially-prepared health-conscious meals that abide by the Steintel concept, and complement the hydrotherapy treatment beautifully.

Diet and Nutrition

Upon request, we can arrange for guests to enjoy any of the following treatments directly at the villa:

Full-body Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Body Alignment Massage


These will further boost the healing and detoxification that the hydrotherapy and diet provide, ensuring that you get the most out of this treatment package and your stay at Cuna del Cielo.

Body Treatments

Keen to experience these treatments without staying overnight at the villa? Click below to find out more about our Day Pass option.

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